Ballyhoo - 11-04-2023


Luna del Lago Festival
Lake Pleasant
Phoenix, AZ

recording type: AUD
shn: not yet
quality rating: A

[show] (24:50)
1. always been there for me (4:54)
2. Everyday Everything (3:08)
3. come in from the cold (7:25)
4. I Want It Too (3:18)
5. ...banter... (1:59)
6. lookin' in your eyes (4:06)

source: Golden Age Project FC4 mics w/ hyper-cardioid caps > Rockville 100% copper 20' XLR mic cables > ZoomH5 XLR jacks > Transcend 700S 285-mb/s 32gb UHS-II U3 class10 V90 SDHC card > audacity > you
location: left-side of SBD, 8' mic stand
taper: davpeterson taper notes: partial set -- batteries failed at the beginning of the set, and ran out of space at the end of the set.

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