Beats Antique - 05-22-2014

Beats Antique

Jacob's Pavilion
Cleveland, OH

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
quality rating: A

[show] (56:03)
1. unknown (4:42)
2. unknown (4:35)
3. unknown (5:43)
4. unknown (4:41)
5. Puzzle (4:33)
6. unknown (4:22)
7. Beezlebub * (5:37)
8. unknown (5:40)
9. unknown > (9:28)
10. unknown (6:42)

* with Les Claypool on bass and vocals.

source 1: TascamDR-2d(internalmics)>.wav (opening patch)
recorded by: Ghostwheel Productions
source 2: MBHOKA200N>NaiantTinybox>SonyPCM-M10>.wav (main source)
recorded by: toaster
transfer: wav's>AdobeAudition3.0>.wav>TLH>.flac

taper notes: Okay, so here's the deal with this. I started to record this set but at about 8 minutes an old friend who I hadn't seen it about 12 years appeared and started yelling my name and talking to me. I wasn't too upset since I'm not really a fan of these guys and was really just doing a test before primus. Anyways, I stopped my recording. Toaster who was in a different spot had started to tape them but missed about the first 8 minutes. So, I was able to patch our recordings together with some over lap to blend the different types of mics instead of going from to the other. In the end we barely ended up with the full set but somehow it worked out.

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