Benevento Russo Duo - 07-05-2002

Benevento Russo Duo

High Sierra Music Festival
Vaudeville Tent
Quincy, CA

recording type: AUD
shn: not yet
quality rating: A

1. Learning Drum
2. High Noon (Chris Potter)
3. Bye-ya (Thelonious Monk)
4. Mephisto
5. Friends (Led Zeppelin)
6. ? (maybe a Meters tune)

source: Neumann AK40's(Onstage DFC)>LC3>KM100 Mic Bodies>Lunatec V2>Apogee AD500e @ 44.1K
transfer: Master DAT Seagate DDS> VDAT> SF 4.5> CDWAV >SHN via MKW 0.97b, w/ seek tables appended
taped & transferred by: MicK Pacifici

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