Benevento Russo Duo - 07-03-2005

Benevento Russo Duo

High Sierra Music Festival
Funk'n Jamhouse
late nite

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/15
quality rating: A

1. //jam > Impact (10:13)
2. 9x9 (8:12)
3. Scratchitti > (18:40)
4. Mephisto (8:37)
5. Sunny's Song # (4:51)
6. Becky (6:48)
7. ...crowd noise... (0:14)
8. Waltz #1 * > (6:28)
9. Waltz #1 > Myxomatosis ** > (6:24)
10. Myxomatosis > (13:37)
11. My Pet Goat (12:43)
12. ...crowd noise... (0:33)

# with Brad Barr from the Slip on guitar. * Elliot Smith cover. ** Radiohead cover.

taper: Ian Stone (
source: MBHO 603a/ka200n>sound devices mp2>benchmark ad2k+> digigram vxpocket/lifebook p2120 @24bit/48khz. Triangular dithering in soundforge 6.0 and resampled at the highest quality setting.

note from ian: The Duo started early, before the PA was even on. As i arrived (only a couple minutes before they were supposed to go on), all the other tapers were arriving at the same point and nobody got a 'full' version of this set. I started rolling as quickly as possible...

additional note: As was stated by the seeder, The Duo was soundchecking through their amps (no PA) well before the set was supposed to start... I got there 15-20 minutes early and they were playing . They finished with their sound check about 10 minutes before the set was supposed to start and they called for the house music. Some fans near the stage took this to mean they were going to play some "house" music.... never to dissapoint the Duo started playing a jam in a house style. The PA was turned on in the middle of the jam and it segued into 9x9.

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