BoomBox - 07-05-2008


Rothbury Festival
Rothbury, MI

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 5/5
quality rating: A

[show] (57:01)
1. World (9:25)
2. Couldn't Get It Right > (5:51)
3. Stereo > (9:14)
4. Who Killed Davey Moore > (17:11)
5. Montero (7:37)
6. Tough Love (7:43)

editing notes: this was badly tracked when i downloaded it, the first track was a long, largely-silent tuning track, stereo started about 7 minutes into track3, davey moore continued into track5. i pulled the whole thing into cooleditpro and retracked it on whole-second boundaries. enjoy. -davpeterson

source: Akg481 > UA5 > D8
location: FOB, DC, DIN
taper: Grider
transfer: Todd (titotio at gmail)

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