Burning Spear - 01-05-2007

Burning Spear

Teatro dell'Opera

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/42
quality rating: A

[show] (90:52)

[Door Peep] [Marcus Garvey]
1. //Slavery Days (5:38)
2. Driver (5:42)
3. The Youth (8:02)
4. Man from the Hills (7:05)
5. Creation Rebel (7:07)
6. Red Green and Gold (9:26)
7. Rocking Time (8:43)
8. Old Marcus Garvey (7:22)
9. Happy Day (8:24)
10. ...crowd noise... (3:34)
11. Nyah Keith * (6:06)
12. Postman * (13:43)

* with George Porter Jr on bass.

note: missing first 15 minutes or so, two songs: Door Peep and Marcus Garvey.

source: DPA 4011's > V3 > D8
transfer: R500 > AP2496 > CDWave > flac

taped and transferred by: Ethan Alpert (ethan@audio-crusade.com)

taper notes: DBB ended a little after 12:00am and Burning Spear was scheduled to go on at 12:00am. As soon as DBB was done I set up in the Teatro. I believe I'm missing about 15-20 minutes of this set. I've waited for one of the other 3 tapers to seed but haven't seen anything. Since I've been enjoying listening to this and no other seeds are available I thought I'd put it up.

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