Codetalkers - 04-11-2001


with Mike Gordon
Irving Plaza
New York City, NY

recording type: AUD
shn: not yet
quality rating: A

[show] (114:51)
set 1:
1. Grandma's Got a Motorcycle > (6:57)
2. Fixin' to Die (3:52)
3. I'm So Glad (5:30)
4. Can't Take My Eyes Off of You @$ (8:03)
5. Diggin' Up Bones (4:46)
6. Planet Earth (7:45)
7. Deep River Blues @* > (4:01)
8. Working on a Building (5:47)
9. Nash * (7:30)
set 2:
10. Beggin' # (2:57)
11. Niagara Falls % (7:41)
12. Basically Frightened > (2:43)
13. Compared to What > (3:14)
14. Basically Frightened (1:17)
15. No Egos Underwater (5:02)
16. Destiny Unbound @ (5:52)
17. Yield Not to Temptation (2:51)
18. Outside Out @* (7:56)
19. Get to Know You Better (10:17)
20. Lovelight (10:50)

The Band:
Bobby Lee Rodgers - banjo, guitar, vocals
Col. Bruce Hampton - guitar, vocals
Chief Whitehorse - bass
Nick Buda - drums

Mike Gordon joins the Codetalkers for track 4 - Can't Take My Eyes Off of You - and plays mostly guitar for the rest of the show.

* with Jenny Manson, tap dancer. @ with Mike Gordon on vocals. $ with an unknown guest keyboardist (Page McConnell probably? he gets quite a cheer from the crowd). # wierd cut in Beggin' and Niagara starts abruptly. % Niagara came to me pretty butchered, I suspect the source gen CDR was scratched, I threw this track into Audacity and used Pop and Click Remover and did my best to fix some of the really bad skips manually, it is not perfect but alot better.

? another point to note...some of these tracks were not tracked correctly and I fixed all the tracking issues.

This show featured Mike Gordon's movie, Outside Out before two sets from Bruce and the Boys with Mike on guitar for the majority of the show. Mike and the Codetalkers also jammed out Phish's Destiny Unbound, not heard since the early 90's.

note from davepeterson: this thing has numerous problems, including nearly-entire tracks cut off, and multiple digiskips and digidropouts, untradeable.

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