Codetalkers - 09-07-2006


Two Stick
Oxford, MS

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/35
quality rating: A

[show] (128:52)
1. Galaxy Girl (6:29)
2. Your Way (16:33)
3. Victor the Snake Man (7:17)
4. Broken Home > (10:06)
5. Miss Hawaii > (9:19)
6. Speedway > (9:04)
7. Blow My Brains (17:22)
8. Revolutionize > (8:39)
9. Tumblin' Down (8:16)
10. Saturn > (10:07)
11. Air Tran Woman (9:12)
12. See You (10:36)
13. Mystro (5:52)

note: 7-second dropout at 2:12 into Miss Hawaii, another smaller dropout is in Tumblin Down.

source: AKG483 (FOB)>V2>DA-P1>DAT

1st transfer: DAT>PC>Audacity>wav>DVDr - by Debra Jones (Twyla) 2nd transfer: DVDr>PC>wav>Flac Frontend (Level 6)>Flac16 - by Scott Brown

taper: Mark Dartman (Slovak)

This is a great recording! featuring extended Your Way and Blow's. I have included Mark's notes from this recording. Let me tell you all about the wierd names.. ie: the band has given out names to various fans and friends. Mark is known to the band as Slovak. Debra is Twyla. Phil is Fike. I am known as ScottBob. There are several songs about friends....Victor, Slub, Airtran, Mystro and so on. I thought this might be cool to enlighten everyone! Peace!

taper notes: Yes I will always spell the song Mystro this way because it is about the sound man at Sticky Fingerz in LR, AR and this is the way he spells HIS name. Incredibly loud night -- The Guys took the stage (literally). It was about the size of a four square court! The rest of the place was not much larger, great night, my ears were bleedin' . Ted was on electric bass because his upright was in the shop. - Slovak

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