Cornmeal - 06-25-2009


Niles Amphitheatre
Niles, MI

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 5/4
quality rating: A

[show] (171:34)
set 1:
1. ...intro... (1:55)
2. Stand Up (6:33)
3. Feet on the Ground (4:10)
4. Calling Me Back Home (6:47)
5. ...tuning... (1:14)
6. Don't Cross That Line > (4:55)
7. Trimming the Fat (6:49)
8. It's So Nice to Be Here (13:49)
9. Not at Home Anymore (5:30)
10. Hot Corn Cold Corn > (11:36)
11. Johnny Put Down Your Gun (5:13)
12. ...outro... (0:20)
set 2:
13. ...intro... (1:05)
14. Midnight * (11:26)
15. I'll Be Looking at You ** (7:32)
16. On My Own > (8:45)
17. spacey jam > (2:13)
18. Onward *** (18:25)
19. ...banter... (1:06)
20. Oh Leah Lee (4:53)
21. Get No Better (10:45)
22. Let's Get Drunk and Fall Off the Wagon # > (4:00)
23. Hey Pocky Way (7:42)
24. Girl With Short Brown Hair (6:04)
25. ...crowd noise... (1:25)
26. ...banter... (1:21)
27. Hasten Jason ## (7:33)
28. ...outro... (2:46)
29. Ripple (5:30)
30. ...crowd noise... (0:23)

* Kris broke a string near the beginning of the song, so he's mostly silent for a few minutes.
** Not sure about the title of this one.
*** The crackle, I think is on Allie's channel. Some nice folks up front alerted the sound guy and he fixed it promptly.
# with "happy birthday" to Tom and Twyla.
## with a dedication to Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

opener: Anna and Andrew (taped, but not included here)

The Band: Wavy Dave Burlingame - banjo, vocals Kris Nowak - guitar, vocals Chris Gangi - string bass, vocals JP Nowak - drums, vocals Allie Kral - fiddle, vocals

taper: John Radawski
location: 25' from stage, DFC, 8' stand
source: Zoom H4n (bass rolloff @ 98Hz, 90 deg mics) > WAV @ 44.1 Khz > normalized to 94% and tracked > FLAC level 8 > > You!

taper notes: If you aren't a complete-ist you should be able to do without some of the banter! I already feel pretty harsh in eliminating the dead space I did eliminate.

The folks in Niles are lucky to have such a nice, little place to see a show! They also seem to know how to coax some good musicians their way. The taping situation was ideal. I set up under their shade tent. The crowd was very respectful and quiet, but they all clearly enjoyed the music. There was a dedicated crew of dancers in front, but the rest of the crowd was just sitting and tapping their feet. There was a very slight breeze for the first set, but I took the windscreen off for the second set. The air wasn't moving one bit by that point. The heat may have thinned the crowd a bit. It was in the high 90's with very high humidity. We all got very sweaty and listened to some fine, fine music. The band was in fine form considering the oppressive heat. The music was also very hot! The band was also nice enough to wish a happy (9th!) birthday to Twyla Joy Herron, one of Cornmeal's biggest fans, and also my "niece!"

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