Crack Sabbath - 11-18-2000

Crack Sabbath

The Rainbow
Seattle, WA

discs: 2
recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 1/52
quality rating: A

couldnt recognize any of the tracks on the first disc 2nd begins with birthday wishes to a girl in the crowd & SKERIK!

d1t5 - Better Git It In Your Soul (? - from original shn-r) d1t8 - Caravan d2t1 - happy birthday > i dream of jeanie > some flashin' > "i just wanna be me" d2t1 could be called "birthday antics > "i just wanna be me" d2t2/t3 - set break d2t3 - dazed & confused d2t6 - galactic/mmw song (after 3:30 of d2t6) - blue pepper? d2t8 - war pigs

The Band: Skerik - Sax, keyboard Keith Lowe - Bass Mike Stone - Drums Ron Weistein - Hammond B3

recorded and transferred by: John Cocci
source: Matrix AKG 414TLIIS + SBD > Mackie 1402 > GP DMIC-20 > DAT (mics set on omni on stage split about 8' aprt, board mix was a seperate feed for each instrument not just a straight board feed)
conversion: Otari DTR 8S > Lynx One > Red Roaster > CD > EAC > Shorten

Guest on guitar for a couple songs and a guest vocalist.

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