Delta Nove - 11-23-2011

Delta Nove

Long Beach, CA

recording type: MATRIX
shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
quality rating: A

[show] (134:11)
set 1:
1. Imaginary Conversations (5:22)
2. Giacomo (14:12)
3. American Ego (4:58)
4. Why Are We Here (4:35)
5. Maraca Tu > Boom Bop (9:42)
6. Thank You (Falletinme B Mice Elf Agin) (8:41)
set 2:
7. Never Never % (10:27)
8. Just Cuz (5:38)
9. I Am the Slime (3:16) > Deception (15:54)
10. Fame (7:47)
11. ?? > percussion (capoeira) (13:23) > 62nd Place (19:38)
12. Candy Store (10:13)
13. Co Co > percussion (17:04)

The Band: Bobby Easton - vocals, guitar, samples, theremin, percussion Dominic Feedham - vocals, drums Viking - bass, vocals Fingers - keyboards Justin Padilla - sax, percussion, vocals Nic Chaffee - trumpet, percussion Simon - percussion

% starts with a Billie Jean tease/jam.

source: Ran 4 Mic's on Stage and had 3 feeds from the board(They were all pretty mon's feeds) I set up with a stereo out and as a back up ran a mono monitor out. After checking the pan setting at the board i noticed he was running all of the channels down the middle so there was no real stereo image from the board. The mic's took care of that though. I ran 2 Oktava MK-12 Omni's with a 15 Foot Spread and 1 LSD-2 Stereo Mic set to xy in the middle. All in all it turned out pretty well but the horns are a little high in some places and the vocals were low in others. But overall very good and a good performance as well. Also LSD-2 was sent to v3 and the oktava's to a Littlebox pre and everything recorded to a Dr-680.
note: taper missed the beginning of the first set.

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