Delta Nove - 05-24-2013

Delta Nove

Don the Beach Comber
Sunset Beach, CA

recording type: SBD
shn: not yet
quality rating: A

[show] (90:06)
1. Maraca Eu (Maraca Tu) (3:54) > Boom Bop (8:06)
2. Para Essa Guerra (7:25) > Pleather > (12:05)
3. Choka Choka (What) (4:38)
4. Deep # (8:12)
5. 62nd Place # (8:12)
6. Deception # (15:01)
7. Love Song (7:56)
8. American Ego (5:26) > The Future Is When (16:56)
9. Big Sky (8:56)

The Band:
Bobby Easton - guitar, vocals, percussion, samples, theramin
Viking - bass, vocals, percussion
Dominic - drums, vocals
Fingers - keyboards
Nick - trumpet
Simon - percussion

# with Rob on sax.

source: 16 track Recording
lineage: Mixed in Nuendo using Waves, and Lexicon Plugins
taped by: Pat Myers
transferred by: Pat Myers, Datpat, Mobiltracks

taper notes: Individual feed's for vocal's and instuments, including Kick and overhead for drumz and Mono percussion feed from 4 close mic's. + 1 Soundlux ortf Microfone on stage.Audix Drum Kit Mic's on Percussion and BeyerDynamic MC 740 LDC Condensor on Overhead. All Tracks split before FOH Mixer and Sent to Fostex LR16 Multitrack Recorder. * The FOH Engineer was in over his head and he had used a couple of xlr cables to run the Left Main Subwoofer feed over to the stage instead of using return on snake????. So there was some intermittent low frequency rumble that can be heard ocassionlly. It was really loud at the show but because everything was close mic'd accept the stereo pair it not that noticble. The kicker is that he tried to blame my wife for the problem becuase all of the cable was ran beneath were we were sitting. Bottom line he had a bad cable in the chain that was creating a ground fault condition.

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