Disco Biscuits - Best of 2006

Disco Biscuits

Best of 2006

Compiled by Dave Cooke

recording type: AUD/MIX
shn: yes; book/page: 4/42
quality rating: A

[show] (276:11)
set 1:
1. I-Man (28:57)
2. Little Shimmy in a Conga Line * (34:37)
3. Humuhumunukunukuapua'a ** > (13:48)
4. Spectacle (12:26)
set 2:
5. Svenghali *** > (18:45)
6. Astronaut # > (18:39)
7. Svenghali (15:24)
8. Crickets > (8:44)
9. Triumph > (10:00)
10. Crickets ## > (16:22)
11. Pilin' It High(er) (17:30)
12. Magellan (26:27)
13. ...banter... (1:43)
14. House Dog Party Favor (21:10)
15. ...crowd noise... (2:08)
encore 2:
16. Save the Robots (29:31)

* with a Bernstein and Chasnoff tease.
** with Spacebirdmatingcall teases.
*** with 42 and "12/31/2004 Crickets jam" / Minions teases.
# inverted version.
## unfinished.

compilation note:

With a band creating such diverse styles of jams, there will never be a consensus on what their best jams or moments or whatever are. What this is is a compilation of some of MY favorite jams from the year. The only rules were that I wanted to make it as much like a show as possible (which meant no repeated songs), and I tried to steal from as many shows as I could (which meant small, continuous chunks of music, though I cheated with the inverted Astronaut) and only those with circulating audience recordings. And obviously, it's stuff _I_ like, so for me that means a lot of melodies/jams to get stuck in your head.

While obviously most shows don't run 4 hours, it's really a measure of just how well the band played in its first full year with its new drummer, Allen Aucoin. And I think it's a testament to the band just how hard it was to come up with these selections. And I think you'll all agree after listening to this that you can't help but imagine the need for a second encore, because no one would ever want a show like this to end.

Because it's a compilation, some of the transitions between segments are sloppy, and for that I apologize. However, for those of you who absolutely NEEEED the breakdown, a tracklist is included. I recommend you seek out the entirety of these selections, because a lot of these jams are smack in the middle of absolutely amazing shows/sets that you may not know about.

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