Dumpstaphunk - 11-12-2011


Bear Creek Music Festival
Purple Hat Stage
Live Oak, FL

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 5/48
quality rating: A

[show] (79:49)
1. Paper Chasin' Britney (Spears) > (7:00)
2. You Can Make It If You Try * (9:46)
3. Livin' ina World Gone Mad # (6:41)
4. Dr. Funkenstein & (12:23)
5. Miss You + (14:53)
6. Fight the Power % > bass duel @ > What Is Hip %% (18:21)
7. (I Wanna Take You) Higher ^ (10:40)

The Band: Ivan Neville - keyboards, vocals Ian Neville - guitar Tony Hall - guitar, bass, vocals Nick Daniels - bass, vocals Nikki Glaspie - drums, vocals

* with Skerik (sax), Ryan Zoidis (sax), Rashawn Ross (trumpet), and Nigel Hall (keyboards/vocals).
# with Andrew Block (Big Sam's Funky Nation) on guitar, and Skerik & Nigel.
& with Jonathan Lloyd, Rashawn, Khris Royal (sax), Zoidis, Louis Cato on trombone, Nigel, and a sousaphonist.
+ with Matt Grondin and Billy Iuso on guitars, Joey Porter on keyboards, and Nigel on a little organ.
% with Freekbass, Nigel, Louis Cato on bass, Zoidis & Rashawn, Freekbass, Eric Krasno on guitar.
@ with Freekbass vs Louis Cato.
%% with Freekbass, Louis (bass), Nigel, Eric Krasno (guitar), Zoidis & Rashawn & Skerik.
^ with Krasno, Corey Glover, Zach Deputy, another vocalist, Louis Cato on drums, Nigel, Zoidis & Rashawn & Skerik.

source: Busman BSC1 K1(Cards) >Gakcables >Fostex FR-2LE (16/44) >CF Card
transfer: Wavelab 5(Resample and Dithering) >CD Wave (Tracking) >TLH >Flac 16 (Level 8)>Tagged with Foobar 2000
location: FOB recorded & transferred by: Dnuggs(dryan006@tampabay.rr.com)

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