El Buho - 11-09-2001

El Buho

Austin, TX

recording type: SBD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/33
quality rating: A

[show] (156:47)
1. The Phoenicians (12:33)
2. Always With You (12:00)
3. Straight Life * (14:39)
4. Monica (10:08)
5. Leviathan (11:03)
6. Wham Bam Boodle (9:53)
7. ?? (12:20)
8. Escape from Salt Lake (9:59)
9. Spanking the Monkey (12:18)
10. Final Crescent (14:22)
11. ?? (16:13)
12. Children of the Rainbow (21:19)

* a Freddy Hubbard tune.

The Band: Gary "El Buho" Gazaway - trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards Scott Murawski (Max Creek) - guitar Perry Osbourne - guitar Jeff "Apt Q258" Sipes (ARU, LOS) - drums Mike Gordon (Phish) - bass Peter Schimke (Michael Franks) - keyboards

source: sbd > tascam da-p1 > sony d-8 (all the info i have)
taper: jon riesenfeld
transfer: dat > mbox > protoolsLE (gain to -0.1db at the dat's highest peak) > 44.1khz wav > jam > cdr, by kevin shapiro

source cdrs > eac > flac by: brent olson (posterisdead@hotmail.com)

seeder notes: per the notes in my dat case, jon riesenfeld was patched out of a p1 that was plugged directly into the board. i do not have more specific information. there is an existing dat > cd transfer of this show: sony d-8 > tascam cd-rw5000, digital coax connection that was done by jon riesenfeld (i assume??). there is also a sbd version of the following night, with the same lineage. per the notes, the 11/10 source has static on the source tapes from the board. i assume it is on all the tapes, but who knows. i have a nak701 aud of the 11/10 show show that i will be seeding as time permits. enjoy the show!!
-brent (08/16/2006)

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