Endoplasmic - 02-06-2010


Goat Head Saloon
Mesa, AZ

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 5/12
quality rating: A

[show] (59:08)
1. jam (16:00)
2. jam (31:33)
3. jam (11:38)

opening for Telepath.

The Band: Kevin Gordon (drums) Steve Allen (guitar) Dan Bieber (guitar) Mikey McMonagle (guitar) Johnny McMonagle (keyboards) Dave Wright (bass)

Endoplasmic is a loose-knit group of local Tempe musicians brought together by drummer/percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Kevin Gordon. they play free-form, all-improv jams, and have opened up for the likes of EOTO, BLVD, Telepath, and Ozomatli.

source: BMod ADK-TL (Hyper) > Silverpath XLR > BMod Edirol R-4 (W@24X96) + SBD > RCA > BMod Edirol R-4 (T@24X96)
transfer: R-4 > USB > PC > Audition (Matrix mix, normalize) > CDWav > Flac
location: 20' back, in front of SBD

Tape/Transfer: china.rider@aztapers.org

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