Erik Deutsch Band - 01-29-2012

Erik Deutsch Band

Dazzle Jazz
Denver, CO

recording type: MATRIX
shn: yes; book/page: 5/48
quality rating: A

[show] (70:17)
1. Funky Digits (7:11)
2. Ms. Pelican (5:01)
3. Don't Give Up (Peter Gabriel) (10:31)
4. Sleep Talkin' (10:29)
5. Wild Horses (Rolling Stones) (7:06)
6. Future Burger (7:51)
7. Creeper (9:01)
8. Substitute (The Who) (5:38)
9. I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan) (7:26)

The Band: Erik Duetsch - piano, keyboards Jeff Hill - bass Tony Mason - drums Jon Gray - trumpet Glenn Taylor - pedal steel

source: [DPA 4027(ORTF/Stage lip)->V2->Mytek 192 + DPA 4061(piano/split 1'/4" above treble strings)->V3(analog) + Direct outs from piano(bass strings), keyboard and Erik's vocal mic]->Busman DR-680(24/96)->UV22HR(16/44.1)->CDWave->FLAC
recorded by: Scott Schneider

taper notes: The complete early and late shows from 1/28/2012 will not be circulated but I am including the tracks that were not repeated on 1/29. There were issues with the SBD feed on 1/28 and I modified my recording technique for the 1/29 show to more accurately represent the sound of the band.

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