Everyone Orchestra - 05-01-2004

Everyone Orchestra

Aladdin Theater
First Annual Panjea Project Benefit
Portland, OR

discs: 3
recording type: DSBD
shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
quality rating: A

[extended, non-musical intro excluded from circulation]

[disc 1] (76:17)
set 1:
1. Mama (a capella by Maya Dorn, Libby Kirkpatrick, Jans Ingber) (3:22)
2. Rain (EO Core-tet, Matt Butler) (9:29)
3. Soul Level (EO Core-tet, Scott Law) (13:06)
4. Wooley chant > Furtado slide song (Fishman joins) (8:56)
5. Stagger Lee (acoustic combo, Furtado) (7:41)
6. Oh Berta Berta (acoustic combo, Furtado) (7:14)
7. [missing first 5:20 of song a capella, no mics] > Everyone Orchestra conducted jam # > Julia Butterfly poem > "Julia, Butterfly" jam (26:25)

[disc 2] (65:35)
set 2:
1. Matt Butler solo didgeridoo (7:09)
2. the Pangaea Project explanation (Deb Delman & Stephanie Tolk) (8:08)
3. Garden (Libby Kirkpatrick solo) (7:26)
4. Room for My Womb (Maya Dorn solo) (5:37)
5. Fishman explains 'Passing the Hey' * > 'Passing the Hey' jam (22:21)
6. jam on Kai Eckhardt's Improvisation Model > Julia Butterfly returns > loose Everyone Orchestra jam (14:51)

[disc 3] (33:50)
set 2 con't:
1. more transcendent improvisation jam > (14:01)
2. Everyone Orchestra jam > final conducted jam > band introductions > Fishman starts sick, massive jam > group hug (17:10)
3. And We Bid You Goodnight... (led by Libby Kirkpatrick) (2:38)

"First Annual Panjea Project Benefit"

# "conducted jam": Tye North conducts entire ensemble by pointing, holding signs, audience participation, and general mad-conductor/jam-creator skills to yield funky sounds
* During the 2nd set, Jon Fishman explains one of the segments of 'type' of jam they are going to get into. This takes you down the path that the Everyone Orchestra is about to embark on and perform what was once a rehearsal exercise at Phish band practice. In depth, Fishman describes the concept of 'Passing the Hey' in a complex musical form that spans about four minutes. The actual jam is totally worth hearing.

source: DSBD > Tascam DA20 > Edirol UA-1D > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend

The Band: Jon Fishman (drums/Phish) Kai Eckhardt (bass/Garaj Mahal) Tony Furtado (guitar/vocals) Jans Ingber (congas/vocals/formerly of the Motet) Everyone Orchestra 'Core-tet': Matt Butler (drums/emcee/EO founder) Damian Erskine (bass) Asher Fulero (keyboards) Scott Law (guitar/Hanuman) Libby Kirkpatrick (guitar/vocals) Maya Dorn (guitar/vocals) John Wooley (saxophone/chanting) Damian Aiken (saxophone) Julia Butterfly Hill (poet/guest speaker) Tye North (bass/conductor)

*NOTES*: This entire show consisted of an enormous, well-tuned jam session: people coming and going and it is difficult to point out exactly which musicians are on when. Any listener can grasp that this event is more than a concert: as a benefit concert with tremendously positive intentions - the show is made up of thirteen musicians who've never played together before (much less ever met).

Because of this uncommon, live music phenomenon, the improvisation and spontaneity is evident because the jams are out of this world: some are like nothing you've ever heard.

The levels fluctuate and occasionally peak, but quality remains crisp and this show is a dandy. Amazing spur-of-the-moment musical magic comes out of this show - certainly worth the download!

The show was a benefit for The Pangaea Project.



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