Global Noize - 05-01-2008

Global Noize

The Howlin' Wolf
New Orleans, LA

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 5/12
quality rating: A

[show] (105:27)
1. ...crowd noise... (1:41)
2. ? (15:38)
3. intros... (0:52)
4. Bollyhood * (10:29)
5. ? (9:25)
6. ? (13:31)
7. ...banter... (1:29)
8. The Souk * (11:05)
9. ...banter... (0:32)
10. Planetary Beat (17:55)
11. ...banter... (1:36)
12. A Jam 4 Joe * (10:10)
13. ...banter... (2:38)
14. Spice Island (7:44)
15. ...outro... (0:34)

* with Falu on vocals.

The Band:
Jason Miles - keyboards
DJ Logic - turntables, effects
Billy Martin - drums
Oteil Burbridge - bass
Carl Burnett - guitar
Bernie Worrell - keyboards
Karl Denson - saxophone, flute
Topaz - saxophone
Christian Scott - trumpet

source: Neumann TLM-170 (cardoid, just in front of the SBD) > Apogee AD1000 > Teac DAP20 (@16 bit/48 khz)
transfer: Sony R500->Sound Devices 722 transferred and mastered by: Scott Bernstein (5/17-21/2010).

Taper notes: So this is the Global Noize set at the Howlin' Wolf from Jazzfest 08, after the Russell Batiste and Friends set that I previously posted. Jason Miles and DJ Logic were able to bring together a lot of BIG names on this stage for this show -- Billy Martin, Karl Denson, Oteil Burbridge, Bernie Worrell, Christian Scott, Topaz. The music is definitely some sort of hybrid jazz/world beat. I guess the night of the show, it felt a little strange after a pretty great funky throwdown opener, also with lots of big name special guests, to have a band play much more "head trip" oriented jazz/world beat combo, late at night in New Orleans. Well maybe if I was one of those who indulged in certain substances it would have made more sense, but I wasn't. Anyway, upon listening back now, it's a really killer set of music if you're in a certain mood for sure. I think I appreciate more now listening at home than I did that night. You can really hear the personalities of each of the individual musicians coming through in the music -- Billy Martin, Karl Denson, Oteil Burbridge, and Bernie Worrell, in particular, sound exactly as you might expect them to sound, and they mesh really well on the unfamiliar material.

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