Good Enough For Good Times - 04-25-2012

Good Enough For Good Times

Irvin Mayfields I Club
New Orleans, LA

recording type: MATRIX
shn: yes; book/page: 6/38
quality rating: A

[show] (21:03)
1. ??? (7:37)
2. Upshot (13:26)

The Band: Robert Mercuio - bass Jeff Raines - guitar Chris Spies - keyboards (not normally in GEFGT) Terrence Higgins - drums (not normally in GEFGT)

source: SBD Matrix: Schoeps MK41v> KC5> CMC6 > DR-680 + sbd > DR-680 - 2448 Balcony DFC
taped by: Steve S.
taper note: i had car rental snafu in Baton Rouge and didnt get to New Orleans till 11:30 pm or so then went to check it out at last moment only to find these 4 cats tearing it up, so i set up and got last 2 songs, oh well, good filler!

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