JamCruise JamRoom - 01-06-2007

JamCruise JamRoom

The Cotton Club
MSC Opera

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/42
quality rating: A

[show] (104:16)
1. jam (25:14)
2. jam > I'll Take You There (13:27)
3. jam (19:19)
4. jam > (11:56)
5. jam > (11:04)
6. Waiting for the Man (12:58)
7. jam (8:32)
8. jam// (1:46)

The Band: Steve Kimock - guitar Aaron - flute Trevor Garrod (Tea Leaf Green) - piano Brock Butler

source: DPA 4011's > V3 > D8
transfer: R500 > AP2496 > CDWave > flac

taped and transferred by: Ethan Alpert (ethan@audio-crusade.com)

taper notes: I ran down to the jamroom as soon as Galctic was over and I had signed my bar tab. Got there approximately 1am. I recorded until my batteries ran out (~1:45) so this is incomplete. I chose to include everything I taped so the first track starts in the middle of a track (fade in applied). And the final track ends when the batteries died at approx 2:45am, about 15 minutes before it ended and probably in the last song. Something is better than nothing right?

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