Jyotis - 02-09-2012


The Sail Inn (outdoor stage)
Tempe, AZ

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 5/44
quality rating: A-

[show] (60:45)
1. MTS the Clave (11:59)
2. Agent Orange (9:04)
3. Dreamer (4:42)
4. Open Soul (6:32)
5. If You Say So # (16:40)
6. Free of Oge (11:48)

The Band: Mike Hatley - guitar Hernan Perez - guitar Adrian Goldenthal - bass Mike Roberts - keyboards Marc Gunn - drums Bill Bezell - percussion

# with Brady Douglas bustin' the mic.

source: Zoom H4N internal mics > Audacity > you
taper: davpeterson

taper note: i had thought i was getting a soundboard feed, but i hadn't turned on the soundboard inputs so it was recording using the mics - pointing at a 90-degree angle to the band. surprisingly, it came out ok.

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