Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - 05-21-2005

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

WDET FM Broadcast
Detroit, Mi

recording type: FM
shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
quality rating: A

1. ...announcer... (0:46)
2. Planet of the Hairy Apes Ya'll (4:46)
3. ...interview... (2:58)
4. Red (4:26)
5. ...interview... (2:47)
6. Once You're There (9:10)
7. ...interview... (1:47)

The Band: Karl Denson - vocals, sax, flute Chris Littlefield - trumpet, flugelhorn Brian Jordan - guitar David Veith - piana, organ Ron Johnson - bass John Staten - drums

source: FM>Tascam DA20 DAT Master
taper: Chris Rees
transfer: Chris Rees
transfer: DAT > Tascam DA20 > monster coax > HHB CDR830
seed: Aaron Israels

note: i split the tracks out so the interview segments are on separate tracks from the music, used cooleditpro and put track boundaries on whole-second marks. -davepeterson

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