Keller Williams - 03-21-1998

Keller Williams

Tacoma, WA

discs: 2
recording type:
shn: yes; book/page: 3/36
quality rating: A

[disc 1] (55:18)
1. Sideways Tree (6:36)
2. Castles Made of Sand > Little Wing > Castles Made of Sand (4:04)
3. Sally Sullivan > (4:43)
4. Dear Emily (2:59)
5. Stinky Green > (5:50)
6. Yoni (6:15)
7. Boob Job * > (2:16)
8. Hootch * (1:28)
9. Killer Waves (4:24)
10. Another Brick in the Wall (4:26)
11. It's A Plant (4:12)
12. Best Feeling (8:02)

[disc 2] (31:51)
1. Run Like An Antelope > (2:57)
2. Let It Grow jam > (1:29)
3. Run Like An Antelope > (2:03)
4. A Day That Never Was (4:36)
5. Darling Nikki (2:41)
6. The Juggler > (4:35)
7. We Want The Funk > (2:08)
8. The Eleven > (5:08)
9. Sir Duke (1:42)
10. High Time (4:29)

* Keller on diembe

Keller opened and played between sets for the String Cheese Incident.

source: Edmund Edwards' DAT SBD Master->Otari DTR-8S->Waveterminal 2496

source for patches: Ken Vasey's Analog SBD Master (Lead DA-P1->Sony D5)

Analog Master xfer: Tascam 122mkIII cassette deck - XLR out (3' Canare star-quad L-4E6S cable with Neutrik Black/Gold connectors)-> Apogee Rosetta->Sony PCM-R500->DAT->Otari DTR-8S->Waveterminal 2496

Analog Master to DAT xfer by Aaron Miller

This is a great recording of Keller's opener/tweener for SCI on their Spring '98 tour. Its a rescued recording by EEE. Since no one there got a flawless recording of Keller, this was professionally pulled together from mutiple sources. Below is EEE's e-mail detailing the story of this recording.

Hi Freaks-

This is one of my favorite Keller opener/tweener combinations from the spring of '98 SCI tour. The Mothership was just a bizarre place for a show - think of the Tacoma Dome sponsored by Marlboro Racing and the people that would go there, but this dome was small - bar size... Anyway, I really enjoyed these two sets. Keller's playing and his choose of songs are right on for the evening. Tragically the tale of this tape is that of many spring '98 KW sets. Tapers that will remain nameless screwing around with the digital line to ensure everything would be right for SCI caused a number of cuts in the recording so a clean copy of these sets has not been circulated. This one we have managed to salvage with the help of some good people. Colin Gibbons took my DAT master from the evening and used that to start from. Ken Vasey saved the day by making an analog recording that night out of JonO's PI using the analog outs that were unaffected by all us digital tapers and our fretting. Ken was generous enough to let us borrow his analog master that we sent to our friend Aaron Miller at MASTERPIECE A/V. Aaron worked his magic converting the analog tape to DAT using the Apogee Rosetta. Colin then took that converted analog source and did the surgery to patch in the missing spots in the DAT master. The surgery was successful. The patient has recovered well and has been enjoyed by Seattle-ites the past couple months, but I have been remiss in getting this out into the public pool. I will make several SHN copies that I will send to freaks who will offer this show up to the list. Detailed information on the show from Colin Gibbons is below. And again, I can't thank Colin, Aaron, and Ken Vasey enough for making this possible.


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