Lebo & Friends - 07-06-2019

Lebo & Friends

High Sierra Music Festival
Music Hall
Quincy, AZ

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 6/73
quality rating: A

[show] (80:18)
1. ...banter... (0:38)
2. The Ballad of John and Yoko [John Lennon] (6:26)
3. Can't Find My Way Home [Blind Faith] # (6:44)
4. Hot Burrito #1 [The Flying Burrito Brothers] % (9:14)
5. Peaches en Regalia [Frank Zappa] * (5:13)
6. Black Mountain Side [Led Zeppelin] ^ (6:20)
7. The Boxer [Simon & Garfunkel] $ (8:50)
8. Lay Lady Lay [Bob Dylan] + (7:25)
9. Cinnamon Girl [Neil Young] @ > (4:41)
10. unknown & (12:01)
11. Son of a Preacher Man [Dusty Springfield] = (4:56)
12. Golden Slumbers > Carry That Weight ~ [The Beatles] (7:50)

saturday 1:30-2:45pm Music Hall, playshop billed as: Lebo's High Sierra Ramble: 50 in the Rearview - Songs from 1969 (Lebo, ALO, Jay Lane, Reed Mathis, Reid Genauer, Jen Hartswick, Natalie Cressman, Jeremy Schon).

The Band:
Dan Lebowitz (ALO) - guitar, vocals
Zach Gill (ALO) - keyboards, vocals
Steve Adams (ALO) - bass
Ezra Lipp - drums

# Natalie Cressman (vocals) and Sean Leahy (guitar) join. % Natalie leaves, Joel Cummings (Umphrey's McGee) joins on keyboards (alongside Steve). * Natalie (trombone) rejoins, Skerik (sax) joins, and Reed Mathis replaces Steve on bass. ^ everyone but Lebo departs, Bo Carper (guitar-New Monsoon) and Dave Watts (percussion-The Motet), join acoustic. $ Bo Carper stays, Dave leaves, Elliott Peck (vocals-Midnight North) and Paul Hoffman (guitar-Greeknsky Bluegrass) join, Reed (vocals, bass) and Ezra (drums) rejoin. + Paul, Sean & Ezra stay, Steve & Zach rejoin, Jeremy Schon (guitar-Pigeons Playing Ping Ping) joins. @ Sean and Jeremy stay, Reed replaces Steve, Jay Lane (drums-Ratdog) replaces Ezra, Maxwell Friedman (keyboards) replaces Zach, Reid Genauer (guitar/vocals-Strangefolk) joins. & Reid and Jeremy depart. = Jennifer Hartswick (vocals) and Cris Jacobs (guitar) joins, Ezron Douglass (bass-Jen Hartswick Band) replaces Reed, Dave Watts (drums) replaces Jay, someone replaces Maxwell. ~ Jenn leaves, Steve (bass), Zach (vocals/keyboards), and Skerik rejoin.

source: Audio-Technica AT853 cardioid condensor mics > 10' flexed mini-xlr extension cable > 4.7k modified mini-xlr-to-headphone y-cable > ZoomH4n Handy Recorder plugin-power jack > Lexar Professional 633x 32gb 95-mb/s SD-HC-I card > audacity > you
location: FOB inside cage, 8' mic stand
taper: davpeterson

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