Leftover Salmon - 02-09-2001

Leftover Salmon

The Cajun House
Scottsdale, AZ
3 dvds

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shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
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[dvd 1]
set 1:
1. Y'all Come
2. Bend in the River
3. Le Monet
4. Last Days of Autumn
5. You Been On My Mind
6. Muddy Water Home
7. Dark Green Thing
8. Get Your Ear Off My Floor
9. Cactus Flower and Faster
10. Railroad Highway
11. Five Alive

[dvd 2]
set 1 con't:
1. Ride
2. Another Way to Turn
3. Danger Man
set 2:
4. Euphoria
5. White Freightliner
6. Boo Boo
7. Just When You Think It Can't Get No Better
8. Drinkin' and Thinkin'
9. One Step at a Time

[dvd 3]
set 2 con't:
1. Mollie and Tenbrooks
2. Funky Mountain Fogdown
3. Sitting on Top of the World >
4. Vinceisms >
5. Sitting on Top of the World
6. Head Bag
7. Dance on Your Head
8. Rivers Rising
9. Highway Song
10. Big Wheels
11. Wake and Bake (w/ alligator action)

source: Video - Panasonic MiniDV, Audio - Camera Mics PCM 16bit
transfer: MiniDV > PC via Firewire

show notes: This Salmon vid shows the boys in their peak form. The show, as usual with LOS is more of a festival than a concert. In fact there is a very nice scene in which the corwd and band really interact. The Cajun House has this fake life-size alligator sitting on the ground near the back of the crowd. during the song - "Just When You Think It Can't Get No Better" - the crowd body surfs the alligator to the front of the stage to Vince's amusement. The alligator is then returned to the crowd and put back where it was (only friendly hipies would return something like that to its original location). The Alligator comes out once again during the encores in which Vince turns it into a musical instrument. This is the stuff that you can only enjoy via video! Also as a side note during the song Dangerman there is a great scene where Mark, Vince and Drew are standing next to eachother and jamming hard each pointing there guitars in the air like some scene from a Kiss concert - its hilarious. Plase note that I choose not to remaster the sound, since the audio was good, and it was nice to be able to hear the crowd and feel the energy of the show. There are howfever about 5 dropouts throughout the show due to a rowdy crowd bumping into my rig. Enjoy the show!

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