Lotus - 07-03-2005


High Sierra Music Festival
Vaudeville Tent

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/18
quality rating: A

1. ...tuning/intro... (6:43)
2. Jump Off (11:20)
3. Umbilical Moonrise (10:49)
4. Bubonic Tonic (12:00)
5. Kesey Seed (7:44)
6. Nematode (13:10)
7. Shimmer and Out (8:52)
8. Intro to a Cell (9:20)
9. ...outro... (2:06)

taper: Ian Stone (ian@customconnects.com)
source: MBHO 603a/ka200n>sound devices mp2>benchmark ad2k+> digigram vxpocket/lifebook p2120 @24bit/48khz. Triangular dithering in soundforge 6.0 and resampled at the highest quality setting.

taper note: My battery died towards the end of the set. The final song/track is patched in from another source. Luckily my computer died in between songs making it easy to make a seamless transition to the new source. source for lotus2005-07-03t08 is akg391's>oade m148>sbm-1>d8 (taper: Tim Ziesmer - Thanks Tim!)

editing: tracking was screwy, track 1 was several minutes of crowd noise, track 2 was half tuning/intro and half the first song, 7 seconds of crowd noise had been split off into it's own track and the final two tracks were the last 3 songs. sucked everything into cooleditpro and retracked using whole-second boundaries. enjoy! -davepeterson

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