Lotus - 09-30-2006


Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/36
quality rating: A

[show] (139:04)
set 1:
1. Blue Giant (12:05)
2. It's All Clear to Me Now > (3:28)
3. Shimmer and Out (8:43)
4. Turquoise * (7:45)
5. Slow Cookin' (12:08)
6. Hammerstrike # (8:36)
set 2:
7. Opo (10:35)
8. One Last Hurrah (12:12)
9. Kalea (10:08)
10. Flower Sermon > Umbilical Moonrise (23:51)
11. Lucid Awakening (17:19)
12. Tip of the Tongue (12:14)

* new song, first time played. # new song, second time played.

DJ Harry opened the show and spun at the setbreak also. They thank DJ Matches, was he spinning too?

source: AKG 393s > UA-5 (w-mod+) > Fujitsu T70
transfer: Fujitsu T70 > CDwav > FLAC
taped & transferred by: Tim Scales

Lotus notes: We've only done several 2-night stands, and let me tell you it is nice not having to tear everything down and then set-up the again the next night. We heard someone had bought the last ticket to the show at about 8:00. So there were about 80 kids outside that weren't able to get in. Buy your tickets in advance next time if you don't want to get turned away. We debuted another new song in the first set, Turquiose. Chuck does some banjo sounds on the song, if you are listening to a recording and wondering where that's coming from. The song has a simple structure, but it's played in 15/4, which makes us work a little harder when playing it. But it went really smoothly for the first performance. The second performance of Hammerstrike closed out the first set. Jesse plays synth bass which really sound good on the Fox's legendary low end, and Mike plays some slide guitar, which is new for him. Second set had a raging jam in One Last Hurrah, a captivating Kalea, and through out the rest of Flower>Umbilical, and Lucid. We had more time for the encore this night so were able to let Tip of the Tongue reach its peak. All in all it was an amazing time for 2 nights at the Fox, and having such a great group of fans in Colorado gives us all a natural high. Thanks to all of you that came out to the CO shows! There were multiple tapers at the shows so they should show up on archive or elsewhere soon.

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