Lotus - 10-05-2006


The Rhythym Room
Phoenix, AZ

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/36
quality rating: A

[show] (132:14)
set 1:
1. When H Binds to O (7:27)
2. One Last Hurrah (13:05)
3. Livingston Storm (12:59)
4. Point/Electric Counterpoint > (7:35)
5. Umbilical Moonrise (11:40)
6. Tip of the Tongue (10:20)
set 2:
7. Wooly Mammoth * (9:01)
8. Juggernaut > (8:32)
9. Wax (12:18)
10. Turquoise (7:01)
11. Arupa > (9:00)
12. Shimmer and Out (9:03)
13. Spiritualize (14:10)

* first time played.

lotus notes: Thusday night we were down in Phoenix at the Rhythym Room. The small stage gave us a squeeze, and the amount of people dancing in the unexpectedly muggy air made the whole place a sweat box. But the show had a lot of energy from start to finish. We debutted another new song, Wooly Mammoth, and played the first Juggernaut and Arupa of the tour. One Last Hurrah was slamming. This is going to be one of the new big jams. After ending the second set the crowd cheer for an encore was crazt loud. It actually hurt my ears in the small space. Wow, Phoenix knows how to earn an encore. The room was close to capacity, so next time back we'll be at a bigger, more comfortable venue.

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