Lotus - 10-06-2006


Club Fais Do Do
Los Angeles, CA

recording type: AUD/akg
shn: yes; book/page: 4/45
quality rating: A

[show] (135:48)
set 1:
1. Blue Giant (10:55)
2. Kalea (10:22)
3. Slow Cookin' > Suitcases and Sandwiches (21:51)
4. Marisol (7:22)
5. Tip of the Tongue (9:49)
set 2:
6. Travel (7:47)
7. It's All Clear to Me Now > Bubonic Tonic (26:06)
8. At Last Glimpse * (7:00)
9. Nematode (11:57)
10. Hammerstrike (10:37)
11. Jump Off (12:02)

* first time played.

source: akg481> lunatec V3> tascam da-p1 @48k (ortf dfc @ stagelip)
transfer: da30mk11> ECHO MIAMIDI> wavelab v5.0[gain changes][resampled to 44.1k]> cdwav v1.94.5> flac16(level 8)
taped & transferred by: justin hoogerwerf

lotusnotes: Into LA, and gridlock. As much as I hate driving around LA, I do like playing there. There was a really diverse crowd of ethnicities, hippy-types, clubbers, young, old, etc. Club Fais Do Do had a small stage, and no light rig to speak of, but we got the PA banging and launched in. DJ Harry was feeling the LA vibe too, and had a really great intermission set that had the whole place rocking. We had a solid show too. Slow Cookin>Suitcases had two great jams, and Hammerstrike was on point, this is also turning into another big new song. We debutted the 10th new song of the tour, At Last Glance. Its got a kind of hip-hop beat and major melodies.

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