Lotus - 12-31-2006


Mr. Smalls Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/41
quality rating: A

[show] (162:02)
set 1:
1. ...crowd noise... (1:10)
2. Lucid Awakening (13:24)
3. Kesey Seed (8:26)
4. Greet the Mind > (5:43)
5. Around the World > (5:19)
6. Greet the Mind (5:27)
7. Wooly Mammoth (8:45)
8. Sunrain > (5:57)
9. Suitcases and Sandwiches (10:08)
set 2:
10. ...crowd noise... (2:40)
11. The Final Countdown * > (1:06)
12. NYE countdown > (0:37)
13. The Final Countdown > (6:10)
14. Sunrain (4:03)
15. One Last Hurrah (12:07)
16. Kalea (10:01)
17. Slow Cookin' (12:12)
18. It's All Clear to Me Now > (13:09)
19. Intro to a Cell (11:11)
20. ...crowd noise... (2:21)
21. Jump Off (12:21)
22. Shimmer and Out ^ (9:45)

* a Europe cover, first time played (hopefully the last).
^ with a Jessica (Allman Brothers) tease.

lotusnotes: We arrived in Pittsburgh a little late, but the van and our gear could not make it. The trailer had hit a patch of black ice in Nebraska and flipped on its side blowing out the top and sides of the trailer and sending the cases onto the highway. A couple things were damaged, and some cases were busted, but the majority of the gear survived and no one was hurt. The trailer was completely totaled and the continued icy conditions meant the van couldn't reach Pittsburgh in time for NYE. Luckily the opening act Jazzam loaned us a bunch of gear, and some other kind folks stepped up with the rest. The show would go on, with some changes to the setlist due to the missing gear.

Europe's Final Countdown brought in the New Year ("Illusions Michael, illusions"), before seguing and peaking with the Sunrain ending jam. The whole show had good jams. The second set had lots of great dynamics and synchronized improv, with the highlights coming in Slow Cookin's extended roller coaster ride, and the psychedelic It's All Clear middle jam.

source: AKG ck91/390(Set 1-FOB/DIN/Floor_Set 2-DIN/Balcony) >>> Edirol Digi-Mod UA5 >>> Nomad JB3
transfer: JB3 > DVD+R(Data) > HP Pavilion > Wavelab 5.01b(+8db Gain) > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend-Level 6

Taped/Transferred by Adam Harbaugh

Tracked/Flac'd/Uploaded by Bean (diskobean@taperssection.com)

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