Lotus - 06-06-2007


Stanwix Triangle
Three Rivers Arts Festival
Pittsburgh, PA

recording type: AUD
shn: not yet
quality rating: A

[show] (87:41)
1. ...crowd noise... (0:30)
2. Nematode (11:22)
3. Kalea (8:53)
4. Bubonic Tonic (12:24)
5. Wooly Mammoth (8:51)
6. Intro to a Cell (9:00)
7. Sunrain (8:05)
8. Greet the Mind > (5:02)
9. Umbilical Moonset > (6:38)
10. Greet the Mind (4:09)
11. Jump Off (12:51)

lotusnotes: Maybe I was focusing more on Wakarusa the following day, but I wasn't expecting too much out of this gig in Pittsburgh. It was a one-set free day show at the Three Rivers Arts Festival on our way to Wakarusa. The stage was set up in a small park in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh, surrounded by skyscrapers. The weather was absolutely perfect in the low 80's with not a cloud to be seen. (Maybe it was good luck from wearing that Goshen jersey.) A crowd started assembling before we started filling the whole park with over three thousand people as the sun bent low sparkling off nearby building windows. The reports were it was the most people the three week festival had had out, and long-time residents said they had never heard the soundsystem sounding so good. After we finished the crowd cheered for several minutes for an encore, but alas city ordinances didn't allow it.

source: Nakamichi CM-1000/CP-101(Sank p48) > Lunatec V3 (ANSR, 16bit/48k, optical out) > JB3
transfer: JB3 > USB > Soundforge 7.0(resample/fades) > CD Wave > FLAC
location: ~40ft back, ~5ft ROC, FOB, DINish (Slightly less than 90deg)

taper/transfer: audball

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