Lotus - 06-09-2007


Late Night Revival Tent
Wakarusa Festival
Lawrence, KS

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/49
quality rating: A

[show] (130:43)
1. Jump Off > (10:49)
2. Zelda > (3:14)
3. Jump Off (5:35)
4. Mikesnack (12:04)
5. Nematode (14:54)
6. It's All Clear to Me Now > (13:56)
7. Slow Cookin' > (10:08)
8. Juggernaut (11:03)
9. Kesey Seed (8:30)
10. Greet the Mind > (5:05)
11. Umbilical Moonset > (6:03)
12. Greet the Mind (1:50)
13. Livingston Storm (15:11)
14. One Last Hurrah (12:27)

late nite set, 2:15 - 4:30 am.

source: (B+K Matched) ADK TL's (card setting)>Segue Dogstar XLR's>bm2p+mod UA-5>(optical in)JB3
transfer: JB3>Firewire>PC>Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (fades, bass cut 4-5 dbs, normalize)>CD Wave Editor>Wav>Flac Frontend>Flac
location: FOB, DFC, Mics DIN 80* @ 10 feet

Taped/Transferred by: Sam Stratton (wsphansam@yahoo.com)

lotusnotes: We made our way from Pittsburgh to Lawrence, KS for our third straight Wakarusa Festival. Having climbed the ladder we had a main stage set and a late night set this year. Lotus can rock it during the day, but we all know late night is where the magic is. The giant tent for the set was decked out with huge hanging orbs and a killer light rig that included a green laser. A light rain was falling atop the tent at 2:15 in the morning when we started our set. Several thousand people had gathered for the party and then let themselves be heard at the opening of Jump Off when beckoned with "Wakarusa make some Mother F*?!ing Noise." The drop into the Themes from Legend of Zelda was met with an unexpectedly loud crowd response as well. I guess there are a lot of gamer geeks out there. All the jams were super exploratory with a double peaking Nematode, a blazing It's All Clear>Slow Cookin'>Juggernaut, and a 14+ minute Livingston Storm.

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