MO2 (Mind Orchestra) - 07-31-2008

MO2 (Mind Orchestra)

Nelson Ledges Rock Quarry
Garrettsville, OH

recording type: SBD
shn: yes; book/page: 5/4
quality rating: A

[show] (73:21)
1. Kim Jong Ill * (4:04)
2. Tsunami (11:49)
3. Somatic Frequencies (6:11)
4. Midnight Street (8:12)
5. Handle with Care (9:45)
6. Next Episode RMX (7/22/08, The SandBar, Vail, CO) (7:19)
7. Afraid of the Dark (7/4/08, High Sierra Music Festival, CA) (7:50)
8. Time Won't Tell (7/5/08, High Sierra Music Festival, CA) (10:16)
9. Neon Forest (studio cut, not mastered) (8:00)

* first time played live.

The Band: Jackson Rogers - keyboards Matthew Stafford - drums Sean Mahaffey - bass

notes: MO2 performed on the main stage at SummerDance. The entire SummerDance set was not recorded, these tracks are what was recorded. At High Sierra, the performances took place on the Shady Grove stage, both nights. The Next Episode RMX from Vail was a BoomBox late-night party. All live recordings are sourced from the SBD. The studio cut of Neon Forest is not mastered.

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