Meltone - 10-01-2005


Asagiri Arena
Fujinomiya Shizuoka

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/25
quality rating: A

[show] (57:00)
1. Eye of the Tiger tease > So > (12:35)
2. Mr. Doughnut tease > The Ants' Marchin' Jam > Caravan (12:25)
3. Highway Star > We Will Rock You tease > Highway Star > (10:52)
4. Very Very > Beautiful Day tease > (8:45)
5. Slime (12:25)

taper: dwonk (Andy Liu)
source: AKG C483 > Sonosax SX-M2 > Oade modSBM > NJB3
location: DIN DFC 1.5 m back, 1.5m high
transfer: NJB3 > SONY SR27K > Wavelab 5* > CDWave 1.94 > FLAC (8)

Technical Notes: Recorded with an ENG clamp on the security barrier in front of the stage. DPA DUA089 w/s, Shure A53M shock mounts, 5m Bumblebee Silver clad MiAGi Mic cables used. ZU-Pivot 0.5m mini to RCA silver cable between Sonosax and SBM. Sonosax at high gain setting, approx +25dB; SBM gain 8 on the dial. Sonosax powered on a 10XAA sled. No DSP.

taper notes: The stage was part of a two stage set up between the PAs. Meltone played on the eight hand stage which made for location recording further back a problem. I opted to move to the stage lip and run hypercards to elminate the PA sound from the recording. As a result, there is a bit of a hole in the middle and extreme stereo seperation in the recording.

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