Moonshine Still - 09-22-2006

Moonshine Still

Revolution Hall
Troy, NY

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/34
quality rating: A


Moonshine Still opening set:
1. Five (6:55)
2. Ghoulson's Ghost (13:11)
3. Mine Eyes (9:00)
4. Front is Back (13:39)
5. Tumble (13:11)
6. Moving in Stereo (11:22)
7. Riddle is the Rhyme (12:11)
8. Moongroove jam * > Bobblehead * > (10:19)

Perpetual Groove set 1:
9. Speed Queen (15:46)
10. Old Friend (7:52)
11. Occams Blazer (18:40)
12. It Starts Where it Ends (10:38)

Perpetual Groove set 2:
13. AIM (18:17)
14. Macumba ** (17:41)
15. Only Always (14:27)
16. Funkytown ** (14:07)

* Perpetual Groove joins Moonshine Still on stage for the MoonGroove transition into PGroove's set. ** with members of Moonshine Still.

Moonshine Still was the opening band. Towards the end of their set Perpetual Groove joined them on stage and they all jammed together. When they are all out on stage it was called Moon Groove. Then the members of Moonshine Still left the stage and Perpetual Groove started their set. The music didn't actually stop until the end of Perpetual Groove's first set. During Perpetual Groove's second set members of Moonshine still came out. I am not sure if all of Moonshine Still came out during the second set. But both bands were on stage for the encore so that would have made it Moon Groove again. This is the first time I have seen these bands and this is the best I can describe what happened. I decided to upload it all together. I understand that this may bother some people, sorry.

location: clamped to the balcony railing DFC
source: Neumann U89i (card, XY, -80h)> Lunatec V2> Apogee Minime> Tascam HD-P2 (24/48) on a Sandisc Ultra II 4gb CF card.
taper: Ed Guidry (

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