New Mastersounds, The - 04-28-2008

New Mastersounds, The

Private Party on Frenchmen Street
New Orleans, LA

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/58
quality rating: A

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1. ? (14:07)
2. ? (9:31)
3. ? (9:24)
4. ? (7:35)
5. ? (5:57)
6. ? (6:38)
7. ? (9:22)
8. ? (10:12)
9. ? (11:20)
10. ? (5:11)
11. ? (8:06)
12. ? (8:11)

taper notes: Show was on the 3rd floor loft apartment. The band set up with drums left, bass center, guitar right, and keyboard in the back set up on an ironing board :P . They played one long set from around 2AM - 5AM. Thanks to the the photographers who hosted this party. It was lots of fun. I left at 5:30AM don't know if they continued to jam. Since people starded standing directly in front of my mic stand, I had to raise it a little and then aim it down. As a result, I lost some of the low end. Bass lift added in wavelab 4.0.

more notes:
* this is the first set only, as the second set started at 6am
* first set guests included Eric Krasno on bass, Topaz on tenor sax, Nick Hughes on drums, while second set had Skerik on tenor and Adam Klipple on keys.

source: AKG c460b ck61> Lunatec V3> MTII
location: height 7', ~8' from the band.

taped and transferred by: NOLAfishwater

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