OM Trio - 09-08-2004

OM Trio

Blind Pig
Ann Arbor, MI

recording type: SBD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/48
quality rating: A

[show] (75:03)
1. Color Grey > (9:41)
2. Dust Up (19:25)
3. Romeo (10:10)
4. Brekfist (12:11)
5. Gleam (9:25)
6. Clydedogg (14:14)

there are small bursts of diginoise throughout the show.

opened for the Marco Benevento and Joe Russo Duo.

source: SBD rca (Allen and Heath GL-2200) > Tascam DA-30 mkII @ 44.1kHz
transfer: DA-30 mk II > SPDIF > Digi002 Rack > Pro Tools 6.4 > CDwav > Nero audio CD (only copy) as 7 tracks rip: EAC burst mode (w/ glitch correction*) remaster: .cda files > Pro Tools 6.4 (reassembled, applied Waves Ultramaximizer mastering comp)>CDwav retrack> FLAC

recorded and transferred b y Dave Schall 9-10-2007

taper note: When I tranferred this show, I neglected to create a FLAC set immediately on transfer. The DAT is gone, as it had a couple instances of diginoise from the recording . The master CD exhibited some timing problems and would not play in some players. See the EAC log file for complete details. I checked each problem area by ear and only one glitch was audible. On applying glitch correction, the audible click disappeared, and I haven't heard any subsequent problems with it. Up to now, the "master CD" from the initial transfer was the only existing recording of this show. Hindsight is 20/20: ALWAYS make a FLAC backup! Don't rely on CD-Rs for archival. This is an excellent set and the board feed worked out very well in my opinion, and this was the show that piqued my interest in these guys. It's an excellent tape.

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