Oysterhead - 03-02-2000


Treys Barn, VT
outtakes from the studio

discs: 1
recording type:
shn: not yet
quality rating:

SHN-1-52 A+
//uploaded by endor wiggins, burned on kodak
//pops around t2-3:10?
//jam3 is an early Rubberneckin Lions
//pops and crackles in t2, also elsewhere, but most evident in t2
//jam4 is an early 'Used to Be the Owner of the World'

[disc 1] (22:20)
1. jam 1 (6:51)
2. jam 2 (4:22)
3. jam 3 (6:28)
4. jam 4 (4:38)

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