Oysterhead - 10-26-2001


Greek Theatre
Berkeley, CA

discs: 2
recording type: AUD/neumann
shn: yes; book/page: 2/1
quality rating: A

[disc 1] (75:29)
1. Oz Is Ever Floating * (6:42)
2. Mr. Oysterhead ** (9:01)
3. Little Faces *** (6:37)
4. Army's On Ecstasy (7:04)
5. Radon Balloon (9:40)
6. Polka Dot Rose (12:39)
7. Pseudo Suicide (9:47)
8. Shadow of a Man (8:04)
9. Birthday Boys **** (5:50)

[disc 2] (34:43)
1. Owner of the World # (6:26)
2. Rubbernecking Lions ## (14:41)
3. jam ### > Hello Skinny #### (7:06)
4. Changes % (6:28)

source: Neumann KM184s (Coincident pair @ 90, in back center of the tapers section) > Sound Devices MP2 > Graham Patten ADC-20 (@48k) > Datman (sgi) > SoundForge (resample/normalize) > Shorten V3
recorded and transferred by: Ian Waters (ian@spaced.net).

* Les said he once lived a few blocks from the venue, and that he had a Police bootleg from the Greek, and that on the tape, Copeland could be heard yelling, "I went to school here!"
** with "Tommy the Cat" jam and "Dueling Banjos" jams by Les
*** Les introduced Trey as "Crimson Dago"
**** Les on banjo for the second half. Les sang the last verse instead of Trey ("You can come around, but don't you talk to me, I ain't lookin for no conversation...")
# Les did a verse of "My Generation." He said that the Greek is his favorite venue and the coolest place to play
## In the middle of the song Les said something to the effect of "you are going to go home tonight and lie in bed and try to figure out what the hell Rubberneck Lions is."
### Les brought out his "Whamola Stick" bass (which he dropped once!), saying it's name is "Mr. Steve Whamola", and Trey the antler guitar. Jim describes "(The two instruments) started "talking" to each other, both musicians coaxing strange killer sounds." The ensuing jam included included parts a lot like the Frog Brigade's "Whamola." Trey & Les on the same instruments for the next song
#### The Residents cover, from their album "Duck Stab" first time played.
% Before song Les discussed how people are always asking him how he and Trey got together with Phish and Primus at different ends of the spectrum. He said something about a mutual love of fruits, vegetables and various dairy products. ("I like vegetables, I've eaten Phish Food, even though its a little rich for me."). Continuing Les said if there was one thing for sure it's their their love for the album "Band of Gypsys".

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