Oysterhead - 10-31-2001


Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO

discs: 2
recording type:
shn: yes; book/page: 2/2
quality rating: A

[disc 1] (63:15)
1. long extended intro > (7:06)
2. Little Faces (6:56)
3. Mr. Oysterhead (10:17)
4. Oz is Ever Floating (5:02)
5. Rubberneck Lions (13:25)
6. Radon Balloon (10:03)
7. Pseudo Suicide % (10:21)

[disc 2] (55:30)
1. Army's on Ecstasy > (7:46)
2. All Day and All of the Night * > (1:11)
3. Walking on the Moon ** > (0:41)
4. Army's on Ecstasy (1:05)
5. Wield the Spade (12:08)
6. Birthday Boys # (9:49)
7. long intro jam > (1:09)
8. Owner of the World (12:30)
9. Them Changes (9:06)

Drums And Tuba opened.

Trey wore Fishman's signature dress, Les wore a pig mask for the first two songs, then a wore a black hat, Stewart's face was painted

% Trey quotes much of "Stash" in jam
* The Kinks cover (Trey sang)
** The Police cover (Les sang 1 verse)
# Trey was very chatty. He played his "musical costume" and sang lyrics to several Jon Fishman classics including "Love You," "Bike," and "Cracklin' Rosie." Trey then mentioned that "you too can own the entire Jon Fishman catalogue for only $19.95!" Trey then introduced Les as "someone who really sucks" and then introduced Stewart and said "When I was 15 my biggest dream was to be in a band with Stewart Copeland. He was my cream dream. Stewart 'The guy who has sold way more recordings than Les or I' Copeland." Show had a very special vibe to it. The band was visibly animated and festive.

source: km140s>mp2>adc20>p1>digi32>cdwav>shn3 Taper/Seeder: Dave Koorey = phrog@etree.org

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