Panjea featuring Chris Berry - 05-21-2006

Panjea featuring Chris Berry

Joshua Tree Music Festival
with Michael Kang
Joshua Tree, CA

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/32
quality rating: A

[show] (84:55)
1. traditional african tune (7:36)
2. Are You Ready (9:02)
3. confusion keeps us from the light (8:48) > Proud Line (18:58)
4. Axe Forgets (6:15)
5. Break Free (10:16)
6. Why Do We (12:20)
7. Love on the Mountain (7:26)
8. mandela (5:51)
9. Every Day (7:11)

source: Sonic Studio DSM-6S Mics>Sonic Studios PA-6LC2 LoCut>Sony PCM-M1 DAT
lineage: Sony PCM-M1 DAT>(Oade Digital Coaxial Transfer)>Tascam CD-RW402>EAC>FLAC
location: FOB, 30 feet from stage, off to right a bit, mic stand 8 feet high

notes: * some wind noise especially between tunes * from the Festival Guide: "Chris learned traditional African rhythms & ngoma drumming under the tutelage of Titos Sampa in the Congo. A recurring dream led him to Zimbabwe to learn the mbira (thumb piano) from Monderet Muchena. Living in the ghetto of Harare for 10 years, Chris is deemed a master of both mbira and ngoma. He formed Panjea and sold over 1 million records in South Africa. Think a mash up of Bob Marley, Fela, Mapfumo, James Brown, Coltrane, and Sly & Family. He and multi-instrumentalist Michael Kang (String Cheese Incident) are currently touring Africa sharing music, hope, and love (jambase article). Polyrhythmic Afro Boogie Tronics!!!"

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