Particle - 06-23-2002


late night show
Bonnaroo Music Festival

discs: 2
recording type: AUD
shn: not yet
quality rating: B

[disc 1] (68:50)
1. Shoe Goo (5:42)
2. Metropolis > jam * (63:08)

[disc 2] (66:10)
1. Road's a Breeze (@ 3AM) (15:27)
2. Pipedream (14:26)
3. Sun Mar 11 (21:43)
4. Maya's Waltz (14:33)

Show started at 4am in the cinema tent. Particle was in the center with people surrounding the stage 360 degrees!!

* with Stanton Moore & Jeff Raines (Galactic), Tim Palmeri (Psych Break), Marc Brownstein (Bisco), Jake Cinninger (. ). This jam lasted about an hour with musicians added in this order.

source: audience recording...FINALLY we got one! Info coming soon....

Note: There are some small clicks throughout the recording...but least we got something!!!! Its not that bad after the first track.

editing: removed an incredible amount of pops one at a time from the first track using cooleditpro's fill-single-click functionality; then from the 1st track of set 2 i removed hundreds of pops using cooledit's noise reduction/multiple pop removal. there are still pops throughout, hence the B rating. I'M LOOKING TO UPGRADE! - davepeterson

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