Particle - 06-18-2004


Wakarusa Festival
Clinton Lake
Lawrence, KS

discs: 1
recording type:
shn: not yet
quality rating:

SHN-3-48 A
//downloaded thru bittorrent, burned on taiyoyuden, july2004
//damn, Loose Caboose is a cooool song
//sounds like a soundboard

[disc 1] (63:05)
1. Triple Threat (24:47)
2. Loose Caboose (11:07)
3. Battle Without Honor or Humanity (13:20)
4. The Elevator * (13:49)

* volume reduced at the end by the sound guys trying to shut them down for going overtime. They kept playing anyway. ROCK!

source: AKG C414s (TS DIN) > Oade W-mod UA-5 > JB3, Recorded at 16bit/44.1kHz
transfer: JB3 > Mac G4 > Sound Studio > Shorten for Mac

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