Phish - 06-18-1994


UIC Pavillion
Chicago, IL

discs: 3
recording type: SBD
shn: yes; book/page: 3/37
quality rating: A

[disc 1] (74:12)
set 1:
1. Wilson > (4:38)
2. Rift (6:01)
3. AC/DC Bag (6:35)
4. Maze (11:29)
5. The Mango Song > (7:29)
6. Down with Disease (7:19)
7. It's Ice (8:52)
8. Dog Faced Boy > (2:00)
9. The Divided Sky (14:39)
10. Sample in a Jar (5:05)

[disc 2] (58:39)
set 2:
1. Peaches en Regalia > (3:41)
2. David Bowie > Mind Left Body Jam > David Bowie (18:39)
3. Horn (4:10)
4. McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters (9:15)
5. Tweezer > (14:25)
6. Lifeboy (8:28)

[disc 3] (34:49)
set 2 con't:
1. You Enjoy Myself (21:03)
2. Chalk Dust Torture (6:45)
3. Bouncing Around the Room > (3:40)
4. Tweezer Reprise (3:19)

source: SBD>Cass1>DAT>CD>EAC>Cool Edit 2000 (Editing)>SHN (See below for complete details), Remastered Version 02/10/2002

Sector Boundary Errors fixed with SHNTOOL on discs 1 & 3. 9/10/02.

This is an attempt to patch together a variety of sources and achieve the best possible combination of sources of this great show. Here are the details:

source #1: SBD>Cass1>DAT>Editing(audience patches in It's Ice, Tweezer and first few seconds of Lifeboy)>CDR; tranfer by: Kevin Shapiro; NOTES: Sorry, I don't have any further info as to the audience tape source or the equipment used in the audience patch. It is likely from the AKG460 rig that he often used in '94. However, this is all the information included with the discs that I recieved.

Source #2:
SBD>Cass1>DAT>CDR (complete Tweezer, missing end of It's Ice [fades out at 7:56]);

Unknown tranfer info. NOTES: An inferior sounding SBD copy to the one above. Plays fast, levels are saturated, etc.

Because Kevin's source (Source #1) was the better of the two sources, I've used as much of it as possible for the recording. This means that everything except the changes described below has been extracted (using EAC in secure mode) from the copies that Kevin provided. The following is a summary of the edits that I did, using Cool Edit 2000 and CDWav.

fixes: * Fixed the speed for It's Ice on Source #2 (stretch ratio of 102) * Patched the SBD portion that Source #1 was missing from It's Ice (@4:11), and then the remaining missing part of the track from the Aud source (@8:11). This makes the most complete SBD source, with the proper ending supplied from the audience tape. * Tracking for Horn fixed on Source #1 * Fixed the speed for Tweezer on Source #2 (stretch ratio of 102) * Patched the missing SBD segment of Tweezer on Source #1 with the fixed Source #2 Tweezer (@10:24). * Patched ~4 missing seconds from YEM (@ 11:26), using same procedures as above.

Known Flaws: There are still a few anomalies on the recording which I didn't bother trying to fix, for fear of over-editing. Specifically: * a fast fade-out after Dog Faced Boy * a slightly rough switch to the Source #1 audience recording at the very beginning of Lifeboy.

This is all the info I have at the moment. While this is by no means a perfect SBD recording, I'm sure you'll enjoy the end result!

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