Phish - 12-30-1997


Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

discs: 3
recording type: DAUD
shn: yes; book/page: 1/17
quality rating: A?

[disc 1] (61:28)
set 1:
1. Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley > (10:33)
2. Taste (11:21)
3. Water in the Sky (3:14)
4. Punch You in the Eye (9:38)
5. Stash (13:07)
6. Chalk Dust Torture (7:59)
7. A Day in the Life (5:34)

[disc 2] (66:49)
set 2:
1. AC/DC Bag * > (25:13)
2. McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters ^ (9:48)
3. Harpua # > (14:09)
4. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) @ > (2:50)
5. Harpua > (7:33)
6. Izabella > (7:15)

[disc 3] (72:34)
set 2 con't:
1. Harry Hood % > (19:41)
2. My Soul (6:10)
3. Sleeping Monkey (6:06)
4. Guyute $ (11:04)
5. Carini > (8:02)
6. Black-Eyed Katy > (5:49)
7. Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley > (4:33)
8. Frankenstein & (11:05)

* with "Crosseyed and Painless" jam. ^ Unfinished. # Very little Jimmy/Posternutbag comment; instead, Trey's life-changing experience in the 4th grade (1974, 10 years old): sitting, eating french toast and watching "Lost in Space" (a Saturday morning ritual) Trey realized that Will Robinson and the robot were in the same field as the one behind his school and were sending him telepathic messages, which led to him to collect food and bring it to that field, where he found a pentagram, placed the food and saw his own future, including the band and a figure in white singing (Tom Marshall) though he knew neither. @ Proclaimer's cover (from the "Benny and Joon" soundtrack); Tom Marshall on vocals. % with lights down and a glow stick war, and also unfinished. $ Before "Guyute," Trey explains that they don't know if they have enough time for one more song, but that there's one more he wants to play... he said they would not encore. After Guyute, the lights did not go on. Page, Mike, and Fish returned to the stage. Finally, Trey came on and the encore started. & Trey has "Toph" (Chris Kuroda) bring the lights down and re-starts the glowstick war during a delay jam which featured he and Fish in some sort of dance ritual at the front of the stage, Fish on vacuum, and then finally just Mike's bass and Trey's guitar loop before finishing Frankenstein.

Phish Companion says: AC/DC Bag included Psycho Killer and Third Stone From the Sun teases. 500 Miles was sung by Tom Marshall as part of the Pentagram Harpua, which also included a narrative about Lost In Space. Pete Carini made an appearance on-stage during the encore. Frankenstein included a segment with Fishman coming center stage with his vacuum. The encore was especially long; once the band realized they were going to be fined for playing past midnite, they decided to play well past midnite. Carini was played for the first time since 3/1/97 (64 shows), and Sneakin' Sally was played for the first time since 5/28/89 (833 shows).

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