Phish - 11-02-1998


Phish does Dark Side of the Moon
E Centre, West Valley City, UT

discs: 3
recording type: DAUD
shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
quality rating: A

[disc 1] (72:19)
set 1:
1. Tube > (7:57)
2. Tube Jam > (6:20)
3. Drowned > (15:39)
4. Jesus Just Left Chicago (11:28)
5. ...Trey talking... (1:00)
6. Driver * (3:37)
7. Bittersweet Motel ** (4:53)
8. Limb by Limb (15:31)
9. Wading in the Velvet Sea (5:54)

[disc 2] (56:28)
set 1 con't:
1. Sample in a Jar (5:23)
set 2:
2. crowd noise (0:51)
3. Down with Disease (8:43)
4. The Mango Song (8:20)
5. The Moma Dance ^ (8:41)
6. You Enjoy Myself (24:30)

[disc 3] (71:35)
1. Harpua ^^ > (5:58)
2. Speak to Me > Breathe (2:47)
3. On the Run (4:21)
4. Time (7:11)
5. The Great Gig in the Sky (4:39)
6. Money (7:10)
7. Us and Them (7:05)
8. Any Colour You Like (3:31)
9. Brain Damage (4:00)
10. Eclipse > (1:42)
11. Harpua (6:15)
12. crowd noise (0:49)
13. Smells Like Teen Spirit # (5:18)
philler (from 8/9/98):
14. Terrapin Station (10:49)

Only about 4000 in attendance.

* Acoustic; dedicated to Wendy and Lisa, two women whom Trey and Mike met the night before.
** Acoustic; with a "Freebird ending", similar to the 7/20/98 "Poor Heart." Trey dedicated it to the people at the Dead Goat Saloon, and talked about getting free drinks and karoake. He also discussed the band picturing what it would be like if the entire audience were on stage with them, with no one in the audience. So they played it with this image in mind.
^ With a tease of the "Monkey Man" (Rolling Stones, from their "Let It Bleed" album).
^ Narration was about Jimmy going to Las Vegas and finding it too crowded and crazy (may be related to Trey's walking off the stage during "Ghost" on Halloween, given his comment on how overwhelmed he had felt, followed by a comment that "everyone has an off night"). So Jimmy decides to hitchhike to Salt Lake City, and he rides with a driver listening to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon." Thus, the section of "Speak to Me" through "Eclipse" is the entirety of that album.
# First time played (Nirvana cover).

Phish Companion says: Driver was dedicated to Wendy and Lisa, and Bittersweet Motel was dedicated to the folks at the Dead Goat Saloon (the site of the open mic nite appearance by Trey and Mike one nite earlier). The Moma Dance included teases of the Rolling Stones' Monkey Man. The Harpua narration picked up where the 12/6/96 Harpua ended; Jimmy hitched a ride from Vegas to Salt Lake City and the driver was playing Dark Side of the Moon. All the Dark Side songs were debuts except for Great Gig (last played 7/5/94 - 331 shows), Speak to Me (piped thru the PA on Halloween 1994), and Breathe (never played in its entirety but seriously jammed on 10/25/95). Smells Like Teen Spirit also debuted at this show, although it was teased during Harpua on 5/9/92.

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