Phish - 12-31-1998


Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

discs: 3
recording type: DAUD
shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
quality rating: A+

[disc 1] (60:36)
set 1:
1. 1999 * > (9:16)
2. Mike's Song > (16:08)
3. I Am Hydrogen > (3:40)
4. Weekapaug Groove ** (9:46)
5. Ghost > (15:12)
6. Ha Ha Ha (1:41)
7. Cavern (4:53)

[disc 2] (63:37)
set 2:
1. NICU > (5:21)
2. Character Zero > (7:43)
3. Tweezer > (14:45)
4. Cities > (8:18)
5. Wading in the Velvet Sea (6:38)
6. Run Like an Antelope ^ (15:23)
7. Frankenstein (5:29)

[disc 3] (65:50)
set 3:
1. Runaway Jim ^^ > (11:00)
2. Auld Lang Syne > (1:47)
3. Simple # > (18:29)
4. Harry Hood ## > (17:55)
5. Tweezer Reprise (4:18)
6. Llama (5:03)
7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (7:18)

* First time played (Prince cover, from the album "1999"); with dancers on stage; with Trey and Mike dancing.
** With "Rock and Roll" (Velvet Underground) and "Lion Sleeps Tonight" teases.
^ With glowsticks.
^^ Started started about 11:45; with "1999" and "Auld Lang Syne" teases about 5 minutes in; eruption of audience with 4:20 left on clock; five-second countdown to the New Year accompanied by on-stage pyrotechnics, a balloon drop, and about eight dancers (unicorn, bee, faerie, guy in a suit, prostitute, angel, devil, et al.) tossing thousands of glow-rings (not glowsticks) into the crowd.
# With "Magilla" tease.
## With a large glow-ring/stick war (though not all of the dispensed glow-rings were tossed because large amounts of them were linked together end-to-end, forming long chains across the floor).

Phish Companion says: Prince's 1999 debuted (appropriately) at this show and included dancers on stage and synchronized steps from Trey and Mike, who wound up lying on the stage with the dancers surrounding them. Weekapaug and Runaway Jim subsequently featured 1999 teases; Jim also included Auld Lang Syne teases. Simple included Magilla teases. Hood featured a fun jam segment near the beginning of the song. For this show, the Holiday Run dancers' costumes included a devil, a prostitute, and a pimp. The band started the third set and jammed Runaway Jim until just before the New Year. The dancers reappeared throughout the crowd and handed out thousands of glowrings to the crowd just before a grand balloon drop and pyrotechnics display at midnite. The band counted the crowd into the New Year before busting into Auld Lang Syne. While some fans used the glowrings to start a Glowstick War during Hood, others used them to create long chain links of rings in the arena.

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