Phish - 07-25-1999


Deer Creek Music Center
Noblesville, IN

discs: 3
recording type: DAUD
shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
quality rating: A

[disc 1] (64:48)
set 1:
1. Meat * (6:22)
2. My Friend My Friend > (6:17)
3. My Left Toe > (8:48)
4. Whipping Post ** (9:33)
5. Makisupa Policeman # (10:37)
6. I Saw It Again (5:56)
7. Boogie on Reggae Woman (11:06)
8. Cavern ## (6:09)

[disc 2] (50:19)
set 2:
1. Birds of a Feather ^ > (19:30)
2. Walk Away (4:08)
3. Run Like an Antelope ^^ (16:26)
4. Suzie Greenberg ^^^ (10:15)

[disc 3] (40:12)
set 2 con't:
1. HYHU > (0:36)
2. Purple Rain > (5:52)
3. HYHU (3:41)
4. You Enjoy Myself + (17:17)
5. crowd noise (3:30)
6. Loving Cup (9:16)

* First time as show opener; bass solo.
** Trey on vocals.
# Keywords were "gooballs, brownies, stink kind, nugs and kief"; Trey announces lighting director Chris Kuroda's birthday and asks everybody to sing; Trey interrupts "Happy Birthday" to say, "We're going to get you so wasted tonight"; Mike takes a "Happy Birthday bass solo"; Fish says, "You roll up a fat spliff and you don't pass it to no one" (in a Jamaican accent); Kuroda takes a one-minute silent light solo, then thanks the band for the birthday wishes after "Makisupa."
## Trey waves guitar to produce feedback.
^ "My Left Toe" teases.
^^ "Stash" tease; with glowrings.
^^^ With Page start/stop jam; "I Wish" (Stevie Wonder) teases.
### Fish forgets lyrics; improvises.
+ "Boogie on Reggae Woman" jam.

Phish Companion says: Whipping Post, which had not been played since the August 10, 1996 Alpine Valley show (207 shows) featured Trey (instead of the usual Henrietta) on vocals. Trey announced Chris Kuroda's birthday during Makisupa. The band members took "happy birthday solos" (including Fishman talking in a mock Jamaican accent)
and Chris took a silent light board solo (see also April 18, 1990).
Many songs in the second set featured fun teases and jams, including Birds (My Left Toe tease), Antelope (Stash tease), Suzy (I Wish teases and a syncopated jam based around Page), and YEM (Boogie On Reggae Woman jam). Purple Rain, played for the first time
since August 6, 1996 (209 shows), saw Fishman forget the words and
subsequently thank the crowd for supporting his vacuum cleaner habit.

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