Phish - 12-31-1999


Big Cypress
Seminole Indian Reservation, FL

discs: 10
recording type: DAUD
shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
quality rating: A+

[disc 1] (55:44)
set 1 (afternoon set):
1. Runaway Jim + (9:42)
2. Funky Bitch (7:35)
3. Tube (9:23)
4. I Didn't Know * (4:54)
5. Punch You in the Eye (8:53)
6. Bouncing Around the Room (3:44)
7. Poor Heart (2:42)
8. Roggae (8:51)

[disc 2] (49:22)
set 1 con't:
1. Split Open and Melt ** > (18:51)
2. Catapult (4:25)
3. Get Back on the Train (5:09)
4. Horn (4:00)
5. Guyute (10:31)
6. After Midnight *** (6:26)

[disc 3] (51:31)
set 2 (all nite set):
1. # Meatstick ^ > (6:02)
2. Auld Lang Syne (1:57)
3. Down with Disease > (23:41)
4. Llama (3:32)
5. Bathtub Gin ^^ (16:19)

[disc 4] (64:34)
set 2 con't:
1. ...trey talking... ^^^ (4:25)
2. Heavy Things ^^^^ (6:43)
3. Twist Around > (13:12)
4. Prince Caspian > (9:03)
5. Rock and Roll (31:11)

[disc 5] (50:02)
set 2 con't:
1. You Enjoy Myself % (23:09)
2. Crosseyed and Painless (20:57)
3. Minestrone %% (5:56)

[disc 6] (57:34)
set 2 con't:
1. Sand > (21:36)
2. Quadrophonic Topplings %%% (15:02)
3. Slave to the Traffic Light (15:27)
4. Albuquerque (5:29)

[disc 7] (59:45)
set 2 con't:
1. Reba (17:13)
2. Axilla (3:42)
3. Uncle Pen (4:50)
4. David Bowie (20:55)
5. My Soul (6:54)
6. crowd noise (6:11)

[disc 8] (69:11)
set 2 con't:
1. piano intro? (1:46)
2. Drowned > (5:34)
3. After Midnight reprise > jam > (20:18)
4. The Horse > (0:44)
5. Silent in the Morning (5:15)
6. Bittersweet Motel (3:20)
7. ...trey talking... (4:01)
8. Piper ** > (18:59)
9. Free (9:14)

[disc 9] (48:29)
set 2 con't:
1. Lawn Boy (3:29)
2. Hold Your Head Up > (1:43)
3. Love You %%%% > (4:13)
4. Hold Your Head Up (3:34)
5. Roses are Free (35:30)

[disc 10] (39:38)
set 2 con't:
1. Bug (7:46)
2. $ Also Sprach Zarathustra > (13:40)
3. Wading in the Velvet Sea (6:29)
4. Meatstick $$ (9:04)
5. music (Here Comes the Sun)... (2:39)

note: my soul ends abruptly, a bad edit at some point

source: FOB Neumann U89 (omni setting) split 12' > Apogee AD1000
lineage: DAT (44.1 khz master) > Montego II Plus > HD via Soundforge > CD Wave > Plextor 820 > .shn > Sony CRX100E (cd burner)

Set 2 was played from midnight to sunrise, non-stop.
+ With marshmallow war, lots of balloons, and aerial tortillas.
* With Fish on vacuum.
** Unfinished.
*** First time played; J.J. Cale cover from the album "Naturally" (best known for the Eric Clapton version).
# Set begins around 11:35 pm with Father Time on stage pedaling away at a stationary bike, powering a large clock, with the sound of the gears on the PA (possibly a Siket Disc track?). At approximately 11:50 pm, Father Time collapses from exhaustion and the clock stops. At this time, with appropriate sound effects, a large fan boat entered the field from halfway back, stage right. Soon the sides and top of the fan boat were blown off to reveal the band riding in the hot dog from 12/31/94. The hot dog approached the stage as the band threw leis and other goodies into the crowd. Once the hot dog reached the stage, the band disembarked carrying several meatsticks. They fed these to Father Time, reviving him to drive to clock to midnight.
^ Instrumental version, with the band picking up the song from a pre-recorded version played during the hot dog ride.
^^ With vocal jam, as Trey, Mike, and Page sang the notes as they played them.
^^^Trey instructs the crowd to chant the word "Cheesecake" after the song (instead of applauding), in an attempt to confuse TV viewers; Trey introduces the band for the recorded footage and offers a message of peace and harmony for the world ("The right lane is for driving. The left lane is for passing. So stay in the right lane unless you're passing.").
^^^^ Recorded live for ABC's Millennium coverage; followed by more bantering and a "Meatstick" tease as Central Time approached midnight.
% With "Cheesecake" vocal jam.
%% Trey solo acoustic.
%%% With Mike holding up a voice box, repeating the phrase "Quadrophonic Toppling."
%%%% With Fish on vacuum; Fish introduced Page before the song, and Mike and Trey afterwards, and the band as "Phish 2000."
$ Preceeded by a tease of the "Harry Hood" intro.
$$ No encore; post-show music was the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun."

Phish Companion says: After Midnight debuted at this show. During the Jim opener, fans particiapted in marshmallow and tortilla wars while also releasing many balloons. I Didn't Know featured Fishman (introduced as the Soda Jerk) on vacuum. SOAM was unfinished. After the ensuing Catapult, Trey remarked that they could only get away with playing a song like that at the largest concert in the wolrd. The late set, also known as "The Show", began at around 11:35. Father Time was on stage, pedaling on an exercise bike that powered a large clock. The sounds of the clock's gears could be heard through the sound system. About ten minutes before midnight, Father Time collapsed from exhaustion and the clock stopped. Then a large fan boat entered the concert field and approached the stage. Early in its journey, the fan boat exploded away and revealed the hot dog used in the 1994 New Year's stunt. While the band rode the hot dog to the stage, an instrumental version of Meatstick began to play over the PA. The band reached the stage and fed several meatsticks to Father Time, reviving him so that the clock could continue moving toward midnight. The band then took the stage and played Meatstick to begin The Show. Heavy Things was recorded live and rebroadcast as part of ABC television's New Year's Eve coverage. In a humorous effort to confuse the home audience, Trey instructed the crowd to chant the word "cheesecake" in lieu of cheering at the end of the song. Trey then introduced the band for the rebroadcast and offered a message of peace and harmony for the world where he reminded people to drive in the right lane unless passing another vehicle. Meatstick was subsequently teased as the New Year approaced in the central time zone. Sand included a My Soul tease from Mike and Crosseyed included a DEG tease. YEM included a vocal jam based around the word "cheesecake", and Trey altered the lyrics to Axilla and Albuquerque to reference the word. Quadrophonic Toppling debuted, albeit with different music than on The Siket Disc. Rock and Roll included an After Midnight tease. Love You included band introductions; Fishman introduced Page before the song and Mike and Trey afterwards, and the band as Phish 2000 (see November 2, 1990). ASZ began with the signature Hood drum roll. After the show closed with yet another version of Meatstick, the Beatles song Here Comes the Sun was piped through the crowd at sunrise. Several breakouts were played:
Albuquerque (first since December 28, 1998 - 67 shows),
Crosseyed and Painless (first since August 13, 1997 - 158 shows),
and Love You (first since July 5, 1997 - 178 shows).

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